Selection Process: Book editors are selected based on appropriate qualifications (MBBS, MD, PhD or other relevant qualifications), experience in the topic of the book, publication track record, and willingness to complete the editorial task on time. They are not selected based on nationality, gender, religion, ethnicity, intellectual beliefs or any other personal attributes.

Responsibilities: The primary responsibility of the editors is to ensure the scientific quality of the books. 

The editors should not 
          • be prejudice about where the authors come from
          • discriminate the authors based on 
                    - nationality
                    - gender
                    - religion
                    - ethnicity
                    - intellectual beliefs
                    - academic rivalry
                    - professional rivalry
                    - personal rivalry
                    - geopolitical rivalry
                    - any other personal attributes
          • involve in citation manipulation by forcing the authors to cite the editor’s publications

The editors should
          • keep all manuscripts confidential
          • declare any potential conflict of interest as stated here
          • provide an unbiased scientific opinion of the manuscript
          • provide specific comments for improvement if or where relevant

Chapters written by the editors will be independently reviewed by at least two experts in the field. The editors are required to address all comments of the reviewers. The resubmitted chapters will be verified by the reviewers for compliance before making a final decision.